What’s this all about?

A lot of what WABN is about is in the attached brochure. The brief version however is, my name is Donna, I’m a 2nd-degree black belt and decided to start this club as the Bujinkan doesn’t have a big representation in Auckland anymore. Also, with my instructor retiring it was a case of, switch styles, retire or start teaching. I’m too set in my ways to start over and too young (I’m 55) to retire so teaching it is.

In my day to day role, I’m a swim instructor while also studying for a Sport and Recreation Diploma. This does affect how I teach martial arts and you may find that these classes will run differently from a “traditional” format that people may be more familiar with.

I don’t believe in the “one size fits all” mentality that most of us old timers would have experienced. Every person that comes to a dojo, comes with different needs and expectations, my job is to find out what that is and help them develop effective strategies for self protection, build the foundation framework that is necessary if you want to train in the Bujinkan anywhere, push themselves out of their comfort zone here and there to build up their trust in their own abilities.

My vision is to see the Bujinkan growing again in Auckland and hopefully see some of us that have previously trained in the Bujinkan get back into it. There is a lot of knowledge and skills out there that people have put away into a box with their uniforms, it would be lovely to see that box opened back up again and those skills dusted off.