16th August 2022

To keep my own skill levels sharp I’ve started heading up to Whangarei on a weekly basis on a thursday. (Not the next 2 weeks though). There is nothing better than spending time with guys that out rank you to make you lift your game but its hard on the ego when you see thatContinue reading “16th August 2022”

5 July 2022

The last night before term break and i had the place to myself. What better way to warm up in the middle of winter but to run suicides. The hall is a bit small but i managed to do blocks of 5, very slowly by #5 and sounded like a busted radiator but kept moving.Continue reading “5 July 2022”

28 June 2022

Lots of postures practise, went back over chi no kata and then into sui no kata. Spent a fair amount of time trying to get away from a step chop action to a proper shuto. but these things do take time to learn where the real power comes from, rather than an arm muscle loadContinue reading “28 June 2022”

7 June 2022

Tonight it was classic punch/block work.Started with single punches and blocking to either the inside or outside of the strike. Then we moved to two strikes with random inside or outside blocks. One person found it confronting and cried a little but that’s ok. The dojo is the place to work through those emotions andContinue reading “7 June 2022”

10th May 2022

Started off with rolls. Then it was getting used to moving while striking with the hanbo. The old hand foot and eye combination, never fails to trip someone up. After that we did some simple scenarios, Attempted grab, evasion and drop back into seiganUsing the hanbo to do a wrist control (ura gyaku) from aContinue reading “10th May 2022”

3rd May 2022

Hanbo introGetting a feel for how it moves.Timing with the feet and keeping the shoulders relaxed.Two handed horizontal arc strikes working through the 8 angles, forward, back, sides and 45°s (no jumps or ducking tonight).Led on to working with the large shield to feel the impact (and the bounce back!) of a simulated gut strike.Continue reading “3rd May 2022”

Balance and posture

Had a bit of fun with a game of rolling tag for a warm up. Followed by some light grappling practice to work on posture and balance. After that it was introduction to Osoto Gari, again really focusing on the need for good posture and how to mess with theirs.Kamaes were Ichmonji, Hoko & DokoIntroducedContinue reading “Balance and posture”

Restart…. Again

We will restart on 1st February 🙂 While it’s under the red traffic light we’ll need to keep in as non contact as possible. We will be working through the Ten Chi Jin as the main focus and some sword over the term.


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