16th August 2022

To keep my own skill levels sharp I’ve started heading up to Whangarei on a weekly basis on a thursday. (Not the next 2 weeks though). There is nothing better than spending time with guys that out rank you to make you lift your game but its hard on the ego when you see that you’ve got a long way to go to be able to move like they do.
It was just the 2 of us last night. My person is uncoordinated with stiff shoulders and a heavy step so we had a striking session moving from ninjutsu to western boxing to get the body used to moving in different ways. To move as a coordinated unit, unlocking the shoulders and getting the feet shuffling.
We talked de-escalation strategies and about how not to get into a situation where you need to fight. Eg, how to talk your way out of a confrontation.

Published by donnaauckland

I'm a 2nd degree black belt that teaching on Tuesdays 7-8.30pm at the Massey Birdwood Settlers Hall, 372 Don Buck Road.

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