3rd May 2022. Hanbo, probably one of the easiest weapons to translate to modern life.

Hanbo intro
Getting a feel for how it moves.
Timing with the feet and keeping the shoulders relaxed.
Two-handed horizontal arc strikes working through the 8 angles, forward, back, sides and 45°s (no jumps or ducking tonight).
Led on to working with the large shield to feel the impact (and the bounce back!) of a simulated gut strike. Proper posture, balance, keeping the shoulders low and relaxed. Correcting to minimise/ delete any windup.
I’ve got a bad habit of dropping my lead wrist behind the strike; I’ll work on that!

Published by donnaauckland

I'm a 2nd degree black belt that teaching on Tuesdays 7-8.30pm at the Massey Birdwood Settlers Hall, 372 Don Buck Road.

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